About Us

God Is Love & God Loves Covenant Marriage!

"Blessings Christian Dating for Marriage" was formed to provide the public a more traditional experience in dating with the intention of ascertaining the possibility of marriage.  God's principals are the foundation for a strong and long lasting relationship that eventually always consummates in marriage.  Our site is uniquely designed to provide our subscribers a safe place from predators and is monitored 24/7 with a cutting edge software.  We also have counselors available via email at a moments notice to provide you with assistance and to answer any question along your journey to find your mate.   In addition, there are articles and comments from other members to inform you of important issues related to human relationships.  Your conversations are private but the site will flag and halt any subscriber's conversation that are profane and or inappropriate.  Share your personal contact information with your love interest when you are comfortable or not at all.

In the beginnings of human development there was built into the fabric of our interaction with each other that men and women were meant to come together in covenant marriage, be fruitful and multiply.  We recognized that the pleasures of intimacy were privileges of the one who were willing to make a commitment for the long term placing a higher value  on our minds bodies and souls.

God has inspired us to develop a web portal that brings the ultimate objective happiness of marriage to the front where it belongs.  There are enough people for those of us who want to be in a loving covenant marriage relationship and for those who do not wish to we will love and pray for you as well.  The scriptures have indicated that there is strength in numbers. "One can chase a thousand and tow can chase ten thousand."

Should you spend the precious days, weeks, months and somtimes years wondering if the person you are with is the right individual sent by God? Having this continual uncertainty was never God's plan or purpose. In today's society dating and relationship for many individuals have been reduced to a form of entertainment by those who do not understand the value of the life that God has given us. We are certainly not saying that marriage is to be rushed into. What we are saying that according to the scriptures God clearly outlines that a continual intimate relationship between a single man and a single woman should be going in the direction of covenant marriage.


The late Dr Myles Monroe's writings are the inspiration for this online experience and we honor him in an attempt to create an environment where Christians can come together and socialize in a way that is healthy with dignity and honor as well as have a lot of fun.  Pray for us that God's hand would bless this attempt in the Blessings of Christian Dating for Marriage.